Unprecedented Taiwan Design Talents Gathering in Singapore

Exclusive Reveals of How 19 Taiwan Designers Become the Trendsetters of Chinese Pop Culture
What Comes Next for Taiwan Pop Culture? They Have the Final Say!

Taiwan has always been playing an important role which influences Chinese pop culture around the world. Taiwanese sub-culture creation such as pop music, TV shows, singers, communication design, fashion trend etc, has a great effect on Chinese people worldwide. The relationship between Taiwanese pop culture and design is close, and their vigorous creative energy and attractive visualization prevail over the global Mandarin-speaking market.

The graphic designer Yung-chen Nieh combines pop music and graphic art by designing album covers for Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai. The senior television producer James Chan puts his creativity and concept toward design on TV program planning. The graphic designer Issa successfully rebranded Taiwanese local restaurant Formosa Chang by using the trendy street style. The architect Shu-Chang Kung represented the exquisite aesthetic by his model houses. Moreover, the Taiwan based fashion designer Stephane Dou truly presents outstanding works on the runway from pure capability and sense.

This year, it’s the first time for Taiwan to showcase 19 leading Taiwanese designers, presenting the close relationship between design and pop culture. With the exhibition theme of “POST: Taiwan Design in Pop Culture”, Designers Association of Taiwan takes part in biannual Singapore Design Festival, and shares Taiwan design in pop culture with global Chinese.

In the period of Singapore Design Festival 2009, Taiwan designers express the essential of designing. POST represents the meaning of a notice, a benchmark, and occupying a unique position. Via the creative images built by Taiwan designers, we are able to discover the true aspect which relates with daily life and design. The branding director of Gamania Brand Center, also the curator of POST: Taiwan Design in Pop Culture exhibition, Eric Ping Liang Chen said, “Influenced by its unique geographical location and historical background, Taiwan designers have developed an original mix-and-match trend through the unstoppable process of fusion and collision. Via the power of mass media, Taiwan’s Pop Culture Design showcases the values and diverse looks of Taiwan, and further influences the global Mandarin-speaking market. As such, it is not just a ‘pop trend’ but the true spirit of ‘Pop Culture Design’ that has originated from the island’s particular lifestyle, developing various unique design aesthetics.” The leading Taiwanese graphic, digital, environment, animation and illustration designers such as Yung-chen Nieh, James Chan, Kristy Cha Ray Chu, Stephane Duo, Cola King, Shu-Chang Kung, Imin Pao, Mark Chang and Mark Lintott etc are going to present the Taiwan design aesthetics on a global scale.

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